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On the stages of practically all major events, rental LED screen are widely used. LED screens are available in a variety of shapes, patterns, and sizes on the market. The many types of LEDs and how they are utilised in advertising LED displays can be used to enhance the show and, in almost all cases, to intensify the show's effects on the audience.

The following are the top three reasons why rental LED screen for indoor use:

1.Extremely pleasing to the eye.

The vibrant and lively hues of the Uniview LED screen will draw your audience's attention. LED screens generate brightness, which allows them to be brighter or further away from the viewer. Unlike projectors, which lose their brilliance over time, LED screens maintain their life. The LED screens provide vivid visuals to your audience while using very little power.

2.Easy to assemble.

Because hosting entails a lot of work, many event planners choose for products that take less effort to put up. Rental LED screen, unlike other types of external monitors, are simple to set up. They also open rapidly, making them ideal for those who want to provide their audience the best inside experience with the least amount of work.

3. Handling by a single person.

Uniview LED screen are lightweight and can be operated by a single person, saving both labour and time.

They are really inexpensive. Rental led screen in indoor is ideal for event planners on a budget who still want to capture exceptional work. Because LED indicators are simple to install, you won't have to spend a lot of money to employ a screen installation pro. Also, because of their brightness and crystal clarity, you won't need to hire additional monitors to meet your audience's needs.

The term "rental LED screen" refers to an LED SCREEN designed specifically for the rental industry.It should literally encompass all rentable LED displays, such as permanent LED billboard displays for advertising, mobile LED display trailers for live programming, and even perimeter banner LED video wall displays, among others.

 Defined by its application environment, rental LED display is divided into rental LED screen indoor and outdoor rental LED screen.Normally, for the same series rental LED screen, both indoor and outdoor.Indoor LED screen is typically used for indoor events such as exhibitions, award ceremonies, fashion shows, car shows, weddings, and conference rooms, among others, where the LED display does not need to be waterproof and great brightness is not required. However, the led display must be certified to deliver.

The market trend for these indoor events is to reduce increasingly lower pixel pitch. Years ago, it was 3.9mm, but now it's 2.9mm or 2.6mm, which is even lower pitch. The key reason for this is that clients are constantly demanding a better and sharper image from their audience. You will be considerably more competitive on the market if your rental LED display has a lower pixel pitch than others. It's just the way the market and competition work.

Outdoor LED screen is widely used to outdoor events like sport venue, touring, concert, music festival etc where require the LED display has to be waterproof (IP65 or IP54) and high brightness (more than 5000nits). For AV rental companies, speed and efficiency are critical. When it comes to event preparation, several different pieces of equipment are usually used, such as audio, video, lighting, truss frame, stage set-up, seats, carpets, and so on. All of this must be set up and configured before to the event in a very short amount of time.

As the key video equipment of rental event, the rental LED screen has to be with following features:

Installation and disassembly are simple and quick, saving time and money.

Can create unique set ups for individual events and is adaptable to a variety of applications.

When utilised as suspension, it has a strong and stable weight capacity. Safety comes first.

Can be maintained easily if failure happens

When used in conjunction with stage lighting and pyrotechnics, a rental LED screen enhances the event's appeal and engagement while providing spectators with an immersive visual and audio experience. That is why large LED rental displays are always present at large concerts and music festivals.

Hawaii LED screen for your LED display needs at events and other trade exhibitions. With a trusted and dependable brand name, we are the pioneer in manufacturing Rental LED screen all over the world.

Stage LED screens for events are the ideal alternative to use in today's times because they are superlative and one of the most innovative ways to display the brand in any event or unique platform. These screens serve as a backdrop for your stage and draw the audience in. Hawaii LED screen provides you with the opportunity to rental LED screen for your event and engage your target audience. These LED screens are slim and simple to place in the desired location.


LED rental displays can be a terrific way to make an impression on your customers and audiences at a low cost and high efficiency, boosting your profitability and brand image.

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