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Now that festival season has here, it's time to prepare for your outdoor activities. Outdoor entertainment is expected to have a huge year this year, and people who aren't just attending your event will want to actively participate. Modern events feature social media more than ever, so it's important to consider how you can take advantage of the engagement opportunities it provides.


Adding a social media wall to your event is one approach to increase engagement with both your audience and online viewers. These are excellent for encouraging audience interaction and driving traffic to your event's social media feed, and we can assist you in achieving this with one of the hawaii LED screens. So, let's get into more detail now!

A social media wall is what is it?

On a digital signage panel or led screen, they essentially consist of an aggregated stream of social media updates from websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In order to generate social interaction with your event, the basic concept is to encourage guests to share content using designated hashtags or handles. In order to drive traffic to your event's social media feed, it is a means for your attendees to share their experiences.


Adversaries have a great chance to bring their product or service in front of many potential clients thanks to this form of widespread social interaction. Brands can create a marketing plan based on a social media feed using a social media wall, which can then be

shown at outdoor sporting events and music concerts. Before, during, and after the event, advertisers can generate excitement and traffic, making social media walls a priceless marketing tool.

Utilize your event's USP to draw attendees.

Utilizing a social media wall's advantages will allow you to highlight the USP (unique selling proposition) of your event. By sharing the USP, you capture attendees' attention and create awareness through the social media environment, whether it be through music, a celebrity appearance, or an exciting contest you're running at the event. Leaving your attendees in suspense by teasing a particular musician, song, or prospective prize winner is a clever way to get people to post about your event. This fosters interaction and encourages users to retweet postings or tag members of their own network, broadening the audience for your event.

Make an event that people want to participate in.

Event planners have the chance to produce interesting content that guests will want to post on social media walls. You can engage your audience through photos, teasers, videos, contests, prizes, and exciting news, among other things. The likelihood of interactions with a post increases with its shareability. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and people are far more likely to keep their eyes glued to your social media wall if it's showcasing an eye-catching image.

With all of this in mind, social media walls are an effective tool that can increase traffic and engagement. We can assist you in projecting social media walls using one of our LED displays.


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