Posted On 14 Jul 2022


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How much do you know about Generation Z? You are well-versed on millennials and baby boomers, but how much do you know about Generation Z? We'll offer you a fast crash course to save you some time. Generation Z, also referred to as zoomers, is the generation that will immediately follow millennials. Their birthdates range from the middle of the 1990s to the early 2010s. Success in marketing to Generation Z demands a very different mentality. You must understand your audience, just as you would with any other target market, especially if you're spending time and money on LED digital screens.


Here are some things you should know about Gen Z before starting your campaign and what your main priorities should be when trying to sell to them.

What you need to know about Generation Z

Although there is undoubtedly some overlap with millennials (the precise lines separating each "demographic cohort" are frequently hazy), Generation Z differs from their more senior counterparts in a few significant ways. Their interaction with technology is the most important of those.


In particular, Generation Z is the first generation in society to have grown up with access to the internet and portable digital technology from an early age. As a result of seeing them virtually everyday on social media timelines, kids are aware of many of the pushy sales strategies and catchy headlines that have been the go-to methods for ages.

That doesn't mean you can't use catchy headlines or aggressive sales tactics, of course, but what it does mean is that Generation Z consumers tend to be less trusting of what advertisements claim, and studies have repeatedly shown that they prefer to thoroughly investigate products before making purchases, especially when it comes to larger ones.


That really ties in nicely with our following point: Generation Z is far more risk-averse than older generations, and like millennials, they are more acutely aware of their chances regarding jobs and property ownership. This means that you need to be much more specific and persuasive when presenting your case for why they should buy from you because they are frequently by nature more circumspect than their elder counterparts.

First tip: Choose your brand reps very carefully.

It's important to select relatable individuals for your audience when selecting the human face of your campaign, whether they are influencers or models for your advertising. As a result, you must employ individuals who appear to share (or at least comprehend) the views, attitudes, and even difficulties of your audience.


This entails thinking about things like what your audience could perceive your subject's age, looks, or even possible income. If you're looking to increase bookings for a music festival, for instance, they might not respond favourably to someone who appears too polished, aged, or extremely professional in your marketing.

Similarly, if you've chosen to employ an influencer, ensure that they have a niche following in your chosen industry, whether it be gaming, electronics, beauty and fashion, or another. Check their professional records to determine if there are any issues or deliberate actions that might reflect adversely on your business.


Tip #2: Pay attention to social media


Determining precisely which social media channels your target audience may be using and how to include them into your marketing is therefore well worth the time. (At the very least, you should think about opening an account for your company!)


Tip #3: Make effective use of recommendations from others.

The online savvy of Generation Z means that they have grown up with clickbait and will be aware of cheap or potentially misleading marketing strategies, especially with offers that may not be what they first seem to be. This was touched on above. (For instance, substantial price markups before the introduction of a major promotion, allowing the 'massive reductions' that follow to benefit the business via increased sales at regular pricing. Even though it's a relatively well-known tactic by this point, many businesses continue to use it!)


The ideal remedy for this is peer endorsements. Although Generation Z consumers may be less trusting of slogans and business marketing, they put a lot more stock the opinions of their peers. Therefore, when it comes to marketing to Generation Z, peer endorsements and customer ratings from current young customers are priceless.

They not only make excellent material for your LED screens, but it's important to take care to carefully manage them on your website as well, since most of your target audience will likely go there after seeing your original advertisement as the logical next step on the buying cycle. Remember that Generation Z is far less likely to make impulsive purchases and does much more research before making a purchase, thus having more customer reviews might easily give you the advantage over your rivals.


Tip #4: Give video top priority

As a result of growing up with on-demand access to video reviews and product demonstrations on YouTube and other platforms, Google reports that 85% of Generation Z uses video while researching things. They are accustomed to seeing a product or service's appearance, functionality, and capabilities, and they occasionally want to learn all of that information before making a purchase.


They respond favourably to bright, interesting video advertising for the same reason, especially if they contain recognisable or relatable people. That kind of material is ideal for your digital LED screens! Fast-paced, funny, and vivid content frequently appeals to Generation Z, but they also recall material that provides useful information.


that can aid them in being ready for the future as well.


However, every film you create must have a compelling opening because, according to a Forbes article, Generation Z has an attention span that is even lower than that of millennials, falling from 12 seconds to just 8. In other words, you only have one chance to capture their interest, so don't be hesitant to attempt something novel.


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