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outdoor led screen

Today's market is flooded with outdoor LED screen. This is due to the fact that they advertise a firm in a novel method. So, in a nutshell, this new advertising tool defies convention and captures the attention of users. Traditional advertisements, for example, typically take the shape of vinyl, posters, flyers, and small advertisements. Even if these commercials are effective, LED displays have numerous advantages, the most important of which is that they are more appealing. Learn about the advantages of using outdoor LED screens in your business.

Furthermore, LED screens are relatively portable. Not only that, but anyone can customise them to meet the needs of their customers. As a result, unlike television monitors, these led screens can be adapted to any type of environment.

Outdoor LED screen advertising is a type of advertising that uses large-scale LED panels to broadcast high-resolution video and image commercials in areas with wide viewing angles and a lot of people. back and forth, like a red light green light intersection. The dynamic advertisement, rather than the static image found in typical panels, is a unique element of this style.

A big outdoor led video wall that uses LED technology is commonly referred to as an outdoor LED screen. Led Video walls, unlike single-panel displays like LED TVs or monitors, are built by connecting numerous panels together, allowing for vast sizes and bespoke forms.

These panels have a high brightness for outdoor visibility and long-lasting hardware to withstand the environment. Larger sizes allow for multiple people to observe from afar at the same time. Digital billboards, monument signs, stadium jumbotrons, renting, outdoor LED screen signage, and more are some of the applications.

For a variety of reasons, LED display is the ideal option for a range of screens. To begin with, LED display  is a very energy-efficient light source. It is perfect for rechargeable handheld devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops due to its low energy consumption. Second, LED display can be stacked in extremely dense arrays (thousands of cells close together), allowing for extremely detailed, clear static and moving pictures. Third, LED display panels create extremely bright images, making them ideal for outdoor led screen use and viewing from afar. They can be brilliantly lighted for viewing at night or in direct sunlight.

Benefit of outdoor led screen include;

External LED screens: These can be used outside. Furthermore, because to their huge size, they are perfect for illuminating street signs.

Internal LED screens: We utilise them in closed and constrained locations. They are, nevertheless, ideal as bookmarks.

Single-line LED screens: these allow you to display a limited amount of text that moves in a single line (some use it on buses or as directional).

People use monocolor LED panels to project a single colour. However, it does not allow for much originality, although it is used by some businesses to attract attention.

LED screens with limited colour scales: this screen can only display 256 colour scales.

We employ full-color LED panels for projection and reproduction.

The quality of outdoor advertising photographs is influenced factors:

The brightness is really bright (no blowout)

Weather-resistant (sunshine, rain, etc.)

Outdoor advertising LED displays (outdoor): Specifications and operating principles

The outdoor LED screen (outside) has a huge area, which will be sized based on the real area of the location where the screen is located. There are several common types of outdoor led screen currently available, including the P4, P5, P6, P8, and P10. Outdoor LED screens with IP65 technology are water resistant, heat resistant at high temperatures, energy efficient, and provide ultra-sharp images.

Full colour outdoor P4 led screen

Users can easily follow the commercial information on the P4 LED screen  since it employs an extremely bright, clear Led bulb that does not glare in direct sunlight. The pixel pitch is 4mm.

Full colour P5 outdoor LED screen (outside):

High-resolution images, the ability to convert format files to a variety of formats, and the ability to time-arrange slideshows. The pixel pitch is 5mm.

Full colour led screen P6 outdoor (outside):

P6 Outdoor Led screen has a long lifespan and produces a sharp image even when viewed from afar. Wind-resistant, and excellent for all outdoor areas. Pixels are spaced 6 millimetres apart.

Full colour p8 outdoor Led screen (outside):

Because to its versatility, the P8 LED screen is frequently utilised in events, outdoor stages, and stadiums.

Advertising led display screen on  outdoor has a number of advantages.

3.1. Advertising campaigns are simple to handle.

Advertising data is considerably easier because you will know how much it costs. Displaying ads with multiple content requires a data management programme for each unique ad campaign. During the advertising procedure, how my ad is run and shown.

Calculate the number of people who see your advertisements.

A face detection camera is deployed at each location where an outdoor advertising LED display screen is located to measure advertising traffic, allowing the quality of the advertisement to be Easily change ad content

Multiple advertising file types, such as MP4, JPG, AVI, VCD, DVD, Slide, and so on, make it easier to convert the ads.


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