The value of outdoor LED screens for advertising nowadays

Posted On 31 Aug 2022


outdoor LED screen

LED Screen for Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor LED screen  products demand more sophisticated production processes and quality assurance. because more advertising time is used on the display panel. Lamp beads have a longer lifespan and experience less chip age issues. Make sure the product quality is reliable. 

Effective and Creative

The message is more striking, easier to understand, and stays in the mind longer when it is displayed on a large screen, which also draws attention. Utilizing these contemporary media will enhance your reputation and assist you to advance quickly in your field of endeavour.


Sustainable and Affordable

An LED screen can last longer than any other form of media (more than 10 years). The displayed message is easily, rapidly, and cost-free modifiable. The annual savings on paper are enormous!


Our particular kind of outdoor LED screen has an IP65 rating, making it resistant to the harshest weather elements including water, dust, and heat. The indoor displays are extremely well protected thanks to their IP54 rating.



With the use of LED technology, there are no restrictions on size or shape; it can be customised for any purposes and circumstances. Even some of our screens can be moved around and removed to react to particular situations.

LED video technology has recently benefited outdoor advertising as well. The enormous LED panel offers for improved visibility and distribution flexibility. We are promoting a line of video billboards made specifically for LED billboard display. These LED-type displays are offered with a minimum surface area of 1 m2 and a minimum pitch of 2.8 mm. These enormous LED displays are more resistant to climatic aggressions than any other product because they are entirely composed of aluminium and are IP65-rated.

Finally, we provide a complete turnkey solution that includes a totem or design structure that is created to order and can be customised, as well as the entire system for managing and updating remote advertisements for outdoor or interior use. Our  LED screen technology advances, a greater range of applications and a higher commercial value become possible. To satisfy customer expectations, we continue to create cutting-edge goods and can offer more premium Outdoor LED Displays. We export and make goods all over the world. High-end components are used in the design of our displays to ensure minimal power consumption and maximum lifespan. We ensure flexibility and convenience of distribution in addition to offering a variety of outdoor LED displays that are at the forefront of LED type technology. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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