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We believe it is crucial to understand how viewing angle might impact the customer experience, even though many purchasers do not pay attention to the viewing angle of the LED screen.

Your LED screen project will cost you hundreds or possibly millions of dollars. You're going to create captivating and fascinating stuff. Furthermore, we are confident that you do not want to let unintended consequences undermine the success of your campaign.

Let's discuss the significance of viewing angle.

Viewing Angle: What Is It?

The viewing angle is the widest angle at which a viewer can still have a satisfactory viewing experience.


Think about sitting directly in front of a TV while you are viewing. Here, the viewing angle doesn't really matter.

But what if your vision is not straight on? The screen will appear less saturated and darker. The image is no longer being shown in its most accurate state. Reduced visual quality is present.

How "off-center" viewers can observe the LED screen depends on the degree of viewing angle. Viewers from the majority of angles can still enjoy the content with respectable picture quality if the viewing angle is large enough.


The 178/178 angle is one of the most frequently referenced viewing angles.


The horizontal viewing angle is represented by the first 178, and the vertical viewing angle by the second 178.

The widest viewing angle currently offered on the market is 178/178. However, is it always necessary to use an ultra-wide viewing angle?

You do not require an LED screen with a wide viewing angle if your audience typically views the material directly in front of the LED screen. When installing an LED screen in a conference room with chairs in front of the screen, for instance, a broad viewing angle is not required.

However, if you want to reach people who are walking or moving, you should think about using an LED screen with a broader viewing angle. For instance, in a shopping centre, your audience can view your material from several angles.

You have no control over the positioning of your audience or their responses to the screen. They might be getting an off-center view of the content.


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What are the advantages of using an outdoor LED Screen for businesses?

There are many advantages of using an outdoor LED Screen for businesses. One advantage is that it allows businesses to communicate their message more effectively to a wider audience. Outdoor LED screens can be seen from a distance, making them ideal for businesses that want to reach a large number of people.

Another advantage of using an outdoor LED Screen is that they are highly visible even in low light conditions. This means that businesses can use them to advertise their products and services even at night. Additionally, outdoor LED screens are very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes them ideal for businesses that are located in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Why is it important for businesses to be visible?

It is important for businesses to be visible for a number of reasons. First, visibility helps to attract customers and can help to increase sales. Second, visibility can help to create a sense of community and belonging among customers, which can loyalty and repeat business. Finally, visibility can help businesses to stand out from the competition and make a statement about their brand.

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3. Take advantage of location: One of the best things about outdoor LED screens is that they can be placed in strategic locations. Businesses should take advantage of this by placing their screens in high-traffic areas where they are sure to be seen by potential customers.

By following these tips, businesses can make the most out of their outdoor LED screens and use them to effectively promote their products or services.


Outdoor LED screens offer businesses a powerful and effective way to engage customers in their environment. They are cost-effective, high-impact signage solutions that can help businesses build brand recognition, increase customer interaction, and ultimately drive sales. With the right strategies and placement of an outdoor LED screen, any business can benefit from its dynamic capabilities. Ultimately, it is up to each individual business to decide if an outdoor LED screen is the best solution for their marketing needs.

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