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LED screen has gained a lot of traction in the retail industry over the past several years, where it has helped countless businesses increase foot traffic and revenue. Like a result, you can immediately see that investing in them is valuable. However, as with any company investment, you'll want to ensure that you're getting the most for your money. There's an art to using them to maximise sales in a retail environment, helping you to stand out from your rivals in a crowded market. While we recently released a post outlining the fundamental ways they may be utilised to enhance business for practically any industry (both in the economical and literal sense). Here are our top six recommendations for employing LED displays in light of that.

accentuate visual designs

Even though it might seem obvious, LED screen is still a relatively new technology in the world of advertising, so it's easy to get carried away with all the opportunities it presents. Businesses frequently make the mistake of cramming their visual advertisements with excess copy, which can make it difficult for customers to properly understand the message, especially if it's one of a rapid-fire sequence of ads.


Our brains digest visual information considerably more quickly than text and keep it for longer, as we observed in our recent essay on how LED display may boost company. 

Therefore, the best way to start is to reduce your copy to its bare minimum and then concentrate the rest of your energy on developing graphics that will convey that information in a striking, visually arresting manner. This means that the most effective advertisements are design-led first and foremost. Too much text will probably cause your reader to lose interest and leave.

Schedule your content to reach specific demographics.

You must consider when, where, and how your target consumers will shop if you want to maximise interaction with your content. Various consumer types will be active at various times of the day, so adjust your content accordingly. For instance, professionals and students will go for work at 9 am and return between 5 and 7 pm, whilst parents will pick up their children at 3 pm. On weekends, young individuals are more inclined to go out, and families often shop on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. To ensure that your content is seen by as many customers as possible, early market segmentation and content timing are necessary.

Additionally, broadcasting in real-time at various times of the day will be advantageous for various goods and services. For instance, you should offer breakfast specials and Happy Hour cocktails in the morning and early evening, respectively.


Along with daily issues, you should take longer-term strategies into account. The ideal seasons to promote Christmas and warm clothing are winter and fall, whereas the summer is without a doubt the best season to promote swimwear and holiday flights.


Use dynamic displays whenever possible in a retail context.


Pairing your LED screen with cutting-edge cameras that can recognise human facial expressions and play relevant material in response is one of the more complex (but effective) concepts. We'll let you decide if it fits into your budget, but if you have the money, it's definitely worth it!

Offer helpful information, even if it has nothing to do with your brand.

This approach of client interaction is a little more subdued, yet it has been repeatedly shown to be effective. It's worthwhile to consider using your LED displays to convey essential information like the time, date, weather forecasts, or temperature, if you're able to. That may draw attention from onlookers, who will then be more likely to interact with the adverts next to it. This strategy works particularly well for customers who frequently walk by your store since they may develop the habit of glancing at your displays for this information, increasing their likelihood of engaging with your brand. There's a reason why so many companies and marketers favour these.

Integrate your social media and sales efforts with your LED displays.

Even though advertising led display screen are quite effective on their own, they perform at their peak when used as a component of a larger marketing plan that includes a variety of other channels that all work together to spread the same message. Therefore, be sure to emphasise a new product introduction on your LED screen in addition to your social media platforms. Don't just mention a new event to clients in passing if you want them to know about it; instead, make sure that your LED screen informs them about it before they enter your store. 

The same holds true for any contests or limited-time offers, particularly given that LED displays are great for emphasising a sense of urgency. The list is endless! Your channels will be most successful when you take the effort to make sure that they are supporting one another and conveying the same message.

Keep up with current affairs

This is a concept that probably applies to larger firms and businesses the most, but SMEs should occasionally keep it in mind as well! It is a good idea to try and consider how prospective changes in the political or cultural landscape can effect your campaign when you are in the planning stages because most campaigns are planned out months in advance. One striking and evident example is the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic's quick impact. Another is the Black Lives Matter rallies that took place all around the world in 2020, which prompted some businesses to evaluate their marketing in light of the tense political climate (no doubt nervously remembering the infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad from a few years before).


The Pepsi advertisement was particularly infamous since it was released on a massive scale by one of the largest firms in the world. It's unlikely that your company will make the same error, but it does highlight how crucial it is to keep up with current affairs and attempt to foresee how they may affect your marketing, especially if you intend to advertise in large cities with particularly diverse populations, which are frequently more sensitive to changes in the political climate.


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