Posted On 13 Jul 2022


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Sports arenas make excellent locations for digital signage because they offer a distinctive backdrop that can support a number of applications for LED screen. The days of keeping score on a chalkboard are over. LED screen offers your audience a new viewpoint by having the opportunity to show real-time information, dynamic advertising, and even interactive features for game-goers.


Our efforts have already improved the matchday experience for supporters of professional sports powerhouses like Manchester City FC and Liverpool FC, and our LED screen solutions aren't just elevating the delivery of information to these locations to a new level of engagement and showmanship.


Here are some examples of the various benefits that digital signage can provide.

networks for promoting

Advertising is a well-known reliable source of income. Giving your customers the choice to display their messages utilising videos, dynamic graphics, and statistics is possible with LED screen. In general, it is far more visually appealing than tangible banners, which can occasionally look a little weathered.


But the true benefit is found in carefully planned digital advertising. The secret here is to place your LED screen in strategic locations across your stadium where they will receive the maximum attention (think food stands, urinals and information kiosks for example). In essence, effective advertising revolves around developing memorable content that audiences won't soon forget. LED screen is a great approach to accomplish this.

I'll show you the path

Stadiums are enormous, let's face it. In fact, they are so massive that they can be a little intimidating for first-timers, and it's fairly easy to get lost trying to find your way from your parking place to your seat in such a huge area with nothing but the force to guide you. By adding dynamic way-finding signs to your stadium, you may reduce traffic outside by making it apparent which way people need to travel, and help bring calm and order to a hectic match day. LED screen can assist solve this problem.


Live information

Both sport and the technologies we use to broadcast it are always changing. Modern stadium sports emphasise real-time data and analysis; scorekeeping, substitutions, match statistics, VAR, and other elements all have a significant impact on how we perceive live sport. Throughout the game, you can make sure that the audience is viewing the most current and pertinent information with LED screen, enabling you to interact with them in ways you never could before. Greater visual interest can be found in action replays, dynamic graphics, and real-time updates than in the simple chalkboard.


menu outlines

The desire to purchase a hot dog and a beer while a game is in progress may seem like a pretty stereotypical American custom, but it is one that we in the UK have joyfully adopted. Food stalls and menu boards have consequently swiftly established themselves as commonplace on match days, but not all menu boards are created equal.


It goes without saying that food and beverage sales are important for generating revenue for venues, therefore you should promote your food stalls as effectively as you can! LED screen vivid displays and lower operational costs aid in boosting sales. Additionally, it reduces the need for routinely discarded disposable menus.


Attendance at concerts

Stadiums are used for more than simply athletic events. It's fairly typical for venues to be rented out during the off-season for live music events, stand-up comedy shows, and even political rallies. People spend a lot of money to attend these events, so it might be challenging for them to feel engaged if they are seated in a spot with a limited view of the action. Digital signage comes to the rescue in this situation; by placing screens around the stadium, you can make sure that everyone inside can see what is happening. So, nobody feels excluded!


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