Are you having trouble deciding which brand of led display is best?

Posted On 22 Jul 2022


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Here,we may talk about led screens in detail.

  1. An outdoor LED video wall is what it sounds like.


  • An outdoor LED video wall  is, as the name implies, a screen or display that is mounted outside. The screen has a unique coating that makes it resistant to harsh weather elements including rain, blistering sun, and dust. It has cutting-edge features including extreme brightness and a display with fine pixel pitch, providing sharp clarity even on the brightest days. Such elements help the material fulfil its purpose by making it stand out from all other distractions. Typically, this type of display is used by sectors including advertising, digital out-of-home, and real estate.
  •   2) What is the smallest LED display size that is desired for outdoor             use and still produce decent video quality?



  • When it comes to advertising, different sectors have distinct needs. The size of the outdoor LED screen may change based on the same. However, 8 feet by 4 feet and 12 feet by 6 feet are the two most often used pixel pitch ranges for screens. Depending on the viewing distance, the display's size may also change. For high-quality films, we advises a minimum size of 9 feet by 6 feet. Our Rigel Micro series is available for screens up to 8 feet by 5 feet for closer viewing areas, such retail establishments.No matter the pixel pitch you select—small, medium, or large—our panels will flawlessly display the content with superb clarity. High-quality components are used in the construction of each screen to reduce obstacles and enhance the viewing experience.

3)What brightness and contrast ratio for outdoor led screens should they have in direct sunlight?


  • For outdoor led screens, a brightness ratio of 5,500 nits and a contrast ratio of 5000:1 or above are suitable in conditions of direct sunshine. The outdoor LED screen technology from hawaii led screen includes premium components that deliver exceptional image quality without ever sacrificing the viewing experience. Using the innovative DIP 3-in-1 and common cathode technologies, our outdoor LED video walls can produce super high brightness of up to 10,000 nits. With this brightness, the display screen is compatible with the brightness of sunlight, and viewers won't have to strain to read the content because it will be visible and readable


4)What is pixel pitch, and which display has the best pixel pitch for running ads on outdoor LED screens?


  • The density of pixels is referred to as pixel pitch. It displays the separation between two LED bulbs for viewing. A higher pixel density and higher resolution are necessary for a lower pixel pitch. Therefore, the viewing distance decreases as the pixel pitch increases. Standard digital hoardings can benefit from an LED display with a 6 mm pixel pitch, while retail screens should have a 3.9 mm pixel pitch.Each screen satisfies the brand aim while meeting the particular needs of advertising. The 1.95 mm outdoor LED screen series from hawaiiledscreen is becoming the new standard in the sector. From 1.95 mm to 25 mm, we provide a variety of tiny pixel pitches for outdoor settings. This enables us to give the highest-quality images at close ranges.

   5) How can content (CMS) on an outdoor led video wall be remotely managed and sequenced?


  • You can run the technology smoothly with the help of end-to-end solutions, programmes, and software from hawaii led screen. You can organise your material using the layouts provided by our Digital Signage Network Management software. You may remotely schedule and keep an eye on your material as well. This streamlines the entire control and monitoring process and allows you to reduce response time. Additionally, you receive thorough information and insights regarding the condition of the screens and your daily content creation. In essence, you are in charge of all functionality.

6)  Why should I use outdoor LED screen from hawaii led screen?


  • Even in the roughest environment, our durable outdoor LED video walls produce high-quality images.
  • • Our popular clients include BMW, FLOWERS, HIGHLIGHT MALL,MANAPPURAM  FINANCE LIMITED,BISMI,GREEN MEDIA,NEST and SBI, to name a few. we have installed lots of LED screens across India; some of these screens have been operating for 12 years without indicating any problems. 
  • • We offer a 24/7 support service 
  • • With hawaii LED screen, you may make more money thanks to a cost-effective energy power source that reduces your outdoor LED screen's energy costs by up to 50%.

  If you could afford the best LED video walls, how long do you think they would reliably operate? 

The quality of an LED screen's engineering, design, and production will determine how well it performs.


Would your LED screens be more productive throughout the media inventory you have reserved if you could combine absolute monitoring, protection, and control into one solution? If you said unequivocally "yes," you were seeking for hawaii led screen.


By taking preventative actions, you can lower the expense of screen repair and maintenance.

With real-time, automated updates, document any performance issue.

Increase the availability of your media assets and available media inventory to increase your revenue.

By prolonging the functional life of your LED screens, you may lower the cost of your assets.

Scale your LED network easily without spending money on new repair resources.

With a centralised workflow, your operations and maintenance team's productivity will increase.

To anticipate performance issues, identify trends, and serve as a reference for each repair case, keep screen health data for each asset up to date.



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