Posted On 07 Jun 2022


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Excellent P3 LED Video Wall

Flatness to the max

Cold-processed fine metal baseboard gives the greatest flatness. Tolerance for flatness is 0.1 mm.

Optimised Cooling Techniques

Response Time at the Nanosecond Level

Without smearing or a double-image effect, LEDs respond quickly in nanoseconds. led display

Because of its extensive knowledge in manufacturing and processing management, as well as rich design experience in the drive circuit, the p3 LED video wall model has a long product life (100,000 hours, 8-10 years).


Low Luminosity with a Large Gray Scale

The p3 LED wall uses high-quality LED lamps and a High-Return IC, as well as our unique mask and sophisticated image arithmetic processing, to provide superior colour rendering, colour revivification, and more details even in low-light conditions.

Professional P3 LED video wall display with patented anti-moire Mask Technology uses high-quality black LED bulbs to boost contrast and eliminate reflections in black mode. It's a fantastic choice for broadcasting or applications under cameras. LED video walls with leds With a high refresh rate, you'll have a professional image.

The high refresh rate of up to 3840Hz ensures high-quality display performance even when used with a professional camera, and the p3 LED video wall produces no water waves or screen flashing, completely meeting the requirements for live shows.


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