Posted On 07 Apr 2022


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There is a lot of renting equipment nowadays. Aside from the lighting, sound, and stage apparatus that we generally see for a great and excellent stage design, the LED rental display at the event site is the most crucial item. The LED video wall rental has the benefit of being a "low-cost, high-return" investment. You may only use the LED display screen for the purpose of promoting the brand, advertising, and creating an atmosphere by paying a lease charge, which considerably decreases the investment risk. The fundamental difference between the rental LED screen and the fixed installation screen is that it must be moved regularly, disassembled, and reassembled. It has strict specifications for portability, lightweight, and flawless splicing.The field of stage performance

As we all know, the stage performance market is enduring, and it is the main application field of rental LED screens. In various concerts, cultural evenings, opening ceremonies and other cultural and sports activities, rental LED screen for events have become an indispensable tool to enhance the performance atmosphere and show better stage effects.It brings rich colors to the stage performance. The colorful LED screen and the flexible switching screen lens create a strong visual impact and artistic appeal for the audience.

field for auto show

The car show has grown in tandem with the continued prosperity and expansion of the motor market. The competition in the sphere of auto shows is no longer limited to cars vs. auto show. At the car show, the competition for LED video wall rental in various shapes has quietly crept into people's minds. In the auto show, the indoor LED screen rental for events has a very visible use effect. It can display the car's product design, attributes, and technology content immediately on the screen, as well as accurately interpret the model's specifics, giving customers a better knowledge of the car's personality and design concept.

The field of hotel leasing

The hotel leasing field is a new direction for the development of the LED SCREEN business model. With the increase in the frequency of use of LED video wall rental, the demand for rental LED screen in major hotels has also become more vigorous, and hotel rental LED screens for events have attracted the attention of many investors.

Display the market for exhibitions.

Exhibitions have become one of the key avenues for companies and other groups to grow their market influence and expand their company due to the high market attention they receive and the important economic and social benefits they bring to various social groups such as firms. In the realm of exhibitions, related entities continue to grow their investment. The high visual quality and adaptability of LED stage visual effects equipment provide critical technological support for information dissemination and play a key role in producing display and promotional effects. rental LED screen stage visual effects equipment has been increasingly popular in recent years, with uses as diverse as auto shows, consumer electronics exhibits, celebrations, conferences, and forums.

The entertainment sector has been dramatically transformed by the latest and most inventive approach in LED technology. Outdoor LED screen rental is becoming increasingly popular, and this trend will only grow in the near future. Because of their brightness, ambience, and long-range visibility, outdoor LED screens are in high demand these days. They're also highly clear, allowing people to read words and see animations at close range or at extended distances with the finest possible reception.

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