Posted On 12 Apr 2022



Outdoor LED screen have earned a particular position in the world of outdoor advertising media as a result of the rapid growth of digital technology. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Increased exterior transmission flexibility-Many functions are accomplished, including live broadcast, block booking, interaction, and multi-screen linkage, which caters to the needs of a wide range of people and alleviates the monotony of outdoor media.

2. Unrestricted creativity and interactive transmission.

Previous advertisements were either static banners or difficult to adjust and mobilise advertisements that failed to suit the audience's other needs. However, advertising's main selling feature is "experience." It's pointless to advertise if you don't have any experience. By way of promotion

Outdoor LED SCREEN, often known as advertising LED SCREEN, include great brightness, a broad viewing angle, easy content adjustment, and a more engaging experience for the audience. Furthermore, depending on infrared effects, outdoor LED screens can be modified for human-computer interaction (touch LED screen effects).

3. Multi-screen integration and linkage transmission

Customers will notice the high-quality LED SCREEN effect of the outdoor LED video display during the display procedure. The effect is enhanced by using a larger screen. LED screens have been spliced together. The effect is amplified by the fact that the same image is displayed on several screens. Multiple LED screens are spliced together to create one huge LED screen for outdoor use. Outdoor viewing is similar to seeing a movie on a huge IMAX screen in a theatre, but even more so.

4. Reliability, timeliness, and breadth of coverage

Outdoor LED screens may send information to the public in a more timely, real, and real-time manner through live streaming, as described in the first point. The use of a live broadcast and an outdoor LED screen will help to spread and deliver information.

The use of a live broadcast and an outdoor LED screen together will propagate and convey information for the first time, attracting attention and increasing brand attractiveness.

5. Time and location that can be controlled

The outdoor LED display screen is highly dynamic, making it simple to change the LED SCREEN content and regulate the information displayed. A split LED screen display allows you to control the display picture at a specific location. When there are a significant number of lamp pole screens, for example, they can be operated uniformly or independently, making them exceedingly easy to control.

The difference between indoor LED screen and outdoor LED screen is obvious: Outdoor LED screen are built to endure whatever Mother Nature has to throw at them. They do, however, have some subtle differences.

LED screens for indoor and outdoor employ distinct core LED technologies and have varied brightness levels, pixel density, and overall cost per square foot. However, both indoor and outdoor LED screen may convey dynamic, full-motion messaging in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best LED screen for your needs is determined by the installation environment, viewing distance, and intended purpose.

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