Posted On 07 Jun 2022


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Indoor and outdoor LED screens have different characteristics.

When it comes to presenting information to a bigger audience and capturing their attention, LED screen are the finest option. An LED screen is a panel that uses miniature light-emitting diodes to display the document. In general, LED screen may be divided into two types: indoor and outdoor LED screen, both of which can meet the needs of anyone searching for an energy-efficient approach to reach a big audience. LED screen signage are designed to attract customers or audiences to a business's services or products and to make it renowned. Advertising is the most important task for any company to complete. Two types of LED screen signs are used indoors and outdoors, and all job purposes are the same.

The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor LED screen

Appearance & Outlook

One of the distinguishing characteristics between an indoor LED panel and an outdoor LED screen monitor is their appearance. Because of its larger scale, the larger one is also utilised as highway banners, in stadiums, and at public festivals. Indoor LED screens are often utilised in places of worship, restaurants, malls, offices, conference spaces, and retail establishments.


Without a question, one of the most visible differences between an indoor LED screen panel and an outdoor LED screen is brightness. The brightness of outdoor LED screens is many times that of interior LED screens. When a standard LED is placed outside, it is easy to perceive the difference. The observer would be irritated by the uninviting gloom that would arise. Indoor video wall screens are less bright than outside video wall screens.

Resilience to weather circumstances

In terms of weather conditions absorption, there is a significant difference between indoor and outdoor LED screen. The outdoor LED screen have been developed to perform in all types of weather. Outdoor LEDs are typically leak-proof, dust-proof, anti-sunlight, anti-lightening, and water-proof, among other characteristics.

Pitch of Pixels

The pixel pitch is another aspect that distinguishes outdoor LED screen and indoor LED screens. The pixel pitch of indoor screens is identical to that of outdoor LED  screens. Outdoor LED screen, on the other hand, have a lower pixel pitch requirement.


Outdoor LED screen panel panels have a lower resolution than interior LED screen since they are typically viewable from a larger distance. Indoor displays that require a high resolution for comfortable viewing have a smaller pixel pitch, whereas outdoor LED screen have a larger pixel pitch and a lower resolution.


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