Posted On 27 Jun 2022


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What exactly is an outdoor LED SCREEN used for?

Outdoor led screens are unique lighting fixtures that are becoming more and more common in urban areas as cutting-edge, high-tech digital communication tools. They are made of so-called RGB three-color LEDs and can play any kind of still or moving image.

What features ought an outdoor Led Wall to have?


The unique quality of outdoor led screens is their ability to remain visible and functional in even the most adverse exposure and environmental circumstances. The photographs that were printed can be viewed without glare effects day or night, from sunrise to sunset, and even in bright sunshine. They can cover enormous areas and attain large proportions because of their elasticity.

They are able to cover entire buildings, fit into scaffolding, be put on poles, roof tops, and walls because to their flexibility.

Due to their size and the ability for the pixel distance to be as close as 2.6 mm, they may be seen from a vast distance as well as up close (no pixels visible at less than 3 meters).


The LED video walls may be used for any purpose thanks to these features, making them a media revolution that can be used for anything from entertainment to communication to advertising.

outdoor LED display screen setup and maintenance

Installing a huge LED screen is undoubtedly more difficult than other installations. Depending on where it is, such as on streets, roofs, building facades, or even in a private area, it actually needs a variety of municipal and non-municipal licences. Additionally, non-trivial mechanical, electronic, and electrical engineering is needed, which is based on extensive industry experience.


The highly skilled crew at Outdoor Led Video Wall installation enables you to see your screen placed, tested, and operational in a short amount of time. The screen is put together, tested, and turned on in its finished form in just a few days.

How can I remotely operate an outdoor LED display?

For remote operation, the outdoor LED screens must have an internet connection. The screen is controlled by specialised software that can be used to carry out a variety of tasks, depending on the application—sports or advertising—including the display of advertising, How should I handle advertising led display screen?

Undoubtedly, the purpose of an outdoor large advertising led display screen is to get people's attention. Because of this, the definition, colours, contrasts, and font size of the message, video, or image, as well as its overall quality, are crucial.

Rental LED screen

Large Format LED display screen for staging and rental. The selection of an LED screen can be the winning formula for an inventive communication that will delight or astound your audience during an event. Due to the ability to use intricate shapes like circles, concave or convex surfaces, oblique cuts, and other shapes, our models allow you to set up tiny or huge scenographies while still allowing room for creativity.


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