LED Video Walls are a popular advertising display option.

Posted On 09 Jun 2022


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LED Video Walls are a popular advertising display option.

A programmable led video wall display is an excellent way to convey information to large groups of people at the same time. These findings suggest that frameworks assist workers in monitoring their own progress, which promotes resolve and inspiration. It also aids in keeping the board focused on results.

Astonishing Technology: 

Led Video Walls

LED Video Walls are a fantastic way to provide a memorable experience for your visitors. It's a cutting-edge idea that's already proving to be a hit. In terms of goal, sizes, and shape, it is becoming increasingly widespread fantastic. It is the best stage to cheer up the opposition with the help of new-age, as it floats together with an advanced phase. Because of its ability to deliver consistent images, direct view LED video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular. There's also adaptability to any size or shape, as well as fantastic perfect features that make led video wall material look fantastic from any angle.

Indoor LED Displays of Various Types

We offer superior arrangements that are custom-fitted to the individual interior setting because hawaii led specialises in LED screen. We offer a wide range of LED performances, from high-definition outdoor led video walls to large public and sporting areas.


Starting with a pixel pitch of P1.25mm, the pixel pitch can be increased to P5mm depending on the viewing distance. Pixel pitches of p1.25, p1.5, p1.6, p1.8, p2.0, p2.5, p3.0, and p4.0 mm are excellent for indoor use. The pixel pitch decreases as the eye distance decreases. It is necessary to consider the area where the display will be installed while determining the display's size. a big space

A large area, such as an auditorium or control room, will necessitate a larger screen. In compared to led video walls in control rooms, a led video wall for public presentation will have a different physical requirement. When it comes to pixel pitch, it is also dependent on the environment. As we all know, the control room must be monitored from a close distance, necessitating the use of a fine pixel LED video wall.

Advertising LED Display Screen for Indoors

The video wall is in charge of displaying the highest quality images to the viewers present. In comparison to the fast motion movie, pixel structures are mostly visible in text, forms, lines, and fine realistic images. The absolute amount of horizontal and vertical pixels in a presentation cluster determines the led video wall's resolution. The pixel thickness or the number of pixels per unit zone can also be used to represent it. Pixel thickness, like screen measurements, is determined by the individual presentation unit's native resolution. Regardless of the size or format of the led video wall, the pixel thickness remains constant.


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