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How can determine the ideal viewing distance for an advertising LED display screen?

The ideal distance that enables the viewer's eyes to construct a clear and distinct vision of what is exhibited is referred to as the best viewing distance for an advertising LED display screen. Therefore, in order to select an appropriate advertising LED display screen board, you must be aware of the fundamentals of viewing distance. To assist you in making the best decisions, refer to this fast overview of viewing distance.


Why Take Viewing Distance into Account for LED Displaysmanufacture-of-LED-display-screens-india


When selecting a suitable LED display and figuring out its ideal height, viewing distance is crucial. Additionally, choosing an appropriate pixel pitch for an advertising LED display screen board is made possible by viewing distance. You could say that the pixel pitch uses the viewing distance as a reference. The spacing in millimetres between each LED cluster found on an LED panel is essentially what is meant by the term "pixel pitch." Choosing an appropriate viewing distance and pixel pitch are essential since they directly relate to resolution to create a defined image.

Viewing distance and screen size relationships

The size of the screen and the viewing distance are crucial factors in selecting the pixel pitch for a suitable resolution, it is necessary to mention. A rough estimation of the minimum viewing distance can be obtained by selecting your target market and the position of your advertising LED display screen. For instance, a shop's exterior wall has a mounted advertising LED display screen in an area with heavy car traffic but little foot activity. The viewing distance for this screen should be 8 metres because the target audience in this situation is mostly motorists.

Similar to this, the overall screen size is also crucial since, regardless of the screen quality, a larger screen has a greater influence than a smaller one. Furthermore, from a given distance, all pixels will appear the same regardless of their pitch. Therefore, viewing distance is essential for projecting a sharp image onto an LED panel.


LED viewing distance variables

As was before discussed, pixel pitch describes the separation between consecutive LED clusters on an LED screen. For a finer pitch, viewers can look attentively at the screen without spotting the individual LED lights. On the other side, the minimum viewing distance increases at a higher pitch. According to a common rule, an effective viewing distance equals 10 feet for every millimetre of pitch. Additionally, the entire experience is destroyed when individual LED lights become visible at a distance closer than the minimum viewing distance.

Resolution: The resolution of the advertising LED display screen is extremely important because the LED display's top quality differs greatly from that of the LCD display. Since each LED display module only has a few hundred pixels—as opposed to thousands—it ultimately comes down to what is displayed and the proper resolution.

How Can the Best Viewing Distance Be Calculated for LED Displays?


Using this simple method, you can estimate the ideal viewing distance for displays of any size.

Minimum distance for seeing

The pixel pitch can be converted to metres to determine the minimum distance. 1000/1000 (Pixel pitch (mm)) For instance, an LED panel with an 8mm pitch requires 8 metres of viewing space.

The ideal viewing distance

Three times the lowest seeing distance is the ideal distance. (3000/1000 pixel pitch (mm)) If the minimal seeing distance is 10, for instance, the ideal distance is 30.

maximum distance for seeing

The height of the screen determines the maximum distance. (30 minus screen height) For instance, an LED panel that is 1 metres tall can be viewed from 30 metres away.

Remember that while the results of these calculations are appropriate, some people may still have trouble seeing the display because everyone's eyesight differs.

LED Display 


Companies spend a lot of money on advertising LED display screen, thus selecting the best LED manufacturer depends heavily on variables like viewing distance and resolution. In addition, customer service and supply should also be considered. Despite the fact that some vendors might provide you with a cheaper quote,

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What does an advertising LED display screen grayscale look like?

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