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p2 LED walls in india

The terms P2 LED wall, P3 LED wall, etc. can be found when discussing LED display resolution. Each term's beginning always begins with the letter "P." Do you understand the precise significance of this "P"? The letter "P" stands for "Pixel Pitch" or "Pitch." Pixel Pitch is a specific area that measures the separation between the centres of a given pixel and its neighbouring pixels. You're going to learn about P2 LED wall and P3 LED wall in this post. P2 and P3 have pixel pitches of 2 and 3 mm, respectively.

P2 LED wall and P3 stand for what?

Nowadays, the majority of buyers prefer to buy full-color LED displays. The reasons for this are that a full-color LED display can always give the best visuals, and that its smooth and flat splicing are ideal for managing big events, significant conferences, and controlling hotels and halls, among other things. The two human modules P2 and P3 are the most difficult. The differences between P2 LED wall and P3 are quite large. The distance between the centre junctures of the lamp dots, or P2, is 2mm. In this case, the distance is 3 mm, and P3= 3 mm.

What variations can you find between P2 LED walls and P3 walls?

Despite sharing the same initial "P," P2 LED wall and P3 LED walls noticeably differ from one another.

* Compared to P3 LED wall, P2 LED wall's points or junctures are spaced apart by 2 mm. Compared to the larger one, the smaller one can produce images that are higher in clarity and detail. The visual quality of P2 LED wall is superior to P3 LED wall. P2 LED wall, which offers greater resolution, costs more than P3. There is always a larger rate at the smaller spots. In P2, each unit area has 250000 pixels available. On the other hand, every unit area in P3 LED wall has 110000 pixels available.

* There are 1515 beads in P2 LED wall. P3 LED wall contains 2121 beads in total. P2 LED wall has significantly better integrity than P3 LED wall does. P2 LED wall is related to the indoor, small-space LED prototype. P2 LED wall  is utilised for this to manage video meetings for public or private institutions, studios, and common indoor locations. P3 LED wall is a high-intention 3D display prototype utilised in sizable lecture halls, conference rooms, and other open spaces. The display is visible from three metres away. P2 LED wall has a tall and stunning pixel. Consequently, the cost is also substantial. On the other hand, P3 LED wall pixel size is smaller than P2 LED wall. Because of this, the cost is likewise lower.

*When should P2 LED walls and P3 LED walls be used?

The LED video wall is made up of various screens that are grouped together to create a single image on a sizable screen. This has a number of benefits. The pixel pitch, target, and consistency have all been greatly improved, to start. Its breadth is unequalled in its ability to reach the limit. Driven video walls are the centre of attention wherever they go. Since they enable people to build good visual plans on a scale that no other innovation can match, people find it impossible to resist the impulse to look at them. Each LED is a time and location-boggling transaction. No other innovation can be boosted to address the problems in the gaming industry. No further novel ideas

Video dividers are the most dynamic and adaptable invention ever. LED video wall dividers are undeniably successful for unique and innovative objectives. Driven video dividers are practical and have a variety of uses, but that isn't their main advantage. We ought to look into it.

The subject of which is superior between P2 LED wall and P3 led walls is frequently asked. P2 LED wall has more points than P3 LED wall, who is P3. If P2 contains 160000 points within a square metre, P3 LED wall  will have close to 111000 points. A higher pixel is always available at a closer distance. Additionally, the picture quality will be at its highest with this. P3 is bad for you; that is not the issue. The proper viewing distance will be indicated by the greater distance. Without the dual impact of pictures, P2 can respond. P2 LED walls will use higher-quality black LED lighting. It might improve contrast.

Additionally, the dark mode's reflections are lessened. It has kept the precise contrast measurement thanks to advanced technology. P2 LED wall offers an ultra-high trait resolution. Less noise may be produced. Furthermore, it is lightweight. The P3 LED wall's main point is now at hand. P3 LED wall offer a favourable level of colour homogeneity. It has the dependable SMD led inside. The P3's refreshing ratio is sufficient and the best power supply method. Choose P2 if you want to spend more money on the model with the finest picture quality. But go with P3 LED wall if you want to purchase an P2 LED wall with the finest power supply.

P3 LED video wall cost for various resolutions

For the LED display walls, resolution is essential. Resolutions have come in a variety of forms with P3 LED wall. And the prices are established in accordance with the resolution.

The truth is that a bigger charge is always necessary for a smaller pixel. The products and resources used to create the tiny pixels are always more expensive. However, the smaller pixel may offer you a higher resolution. The cost of a P3 led video wall will increase as the resolution does as well. It fully depends on the preferences of the clients. Currently, a number of e-commerce websites offer some great deals on P3 LED video wall costs.


There are three different types of LED walls: P2 LED wall, P3 LED wall, and P4. Each LED display wall has a few distinctive qualities. As a result, it can be difficult to tell the difference between P2 LED wall and P3 LED wall. Depending on one's needs, one can select either P2 or P3.


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