Posted On 15 Nov 2019


LED Displays are utilised in most general illumination applications, from billboards, signs, and spotlights to stadium, retail, and vehicle lighting. LED screens are flat panel displays with light emitting diodes that emit visible light when an electric current runs through them. Future Electronics has a vast collection of programmable LED display chips that can be used as an LED display sign, LED display panel, LED backlit display, outdoor led  lighting, and a variety of other lighting applications.Our staff is committed to creating high-quality goods and cost-effective advertising LED display screen solutions, such as interior LED display screen and outdoor digital advertising panels,Led Video wall, Rental Led Screen, Advertising Led Display Screen, Led dance floor, 8x12 led wall,outdoor led screen, led screen wedding stage etc.

Manufacturers, importers, traders, distributors, converters, and end-users in the sign sector will gather at Sign India 2019. The highlights of Sign India 2019 include the introduction of new goods and the latest technologies. Around 15,000+ trade visitors will attend the Sign India 2019. Exhibitors from India and beyond will be presenting their products.


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