Camera Fair 2018

Posted On 15 Apr 2018


The purpose of the Camera Fair is to allow manufacturers to show off their whole range of cameras, lenses, and filters to an invited audience of experts and enthusiasts.

Face-to-face engagement between makers and discriminating users would enhance product information transfer and harness comprehension of each gadget's full potential.

As a result, this expo will be an excellent venue for showcasing and promoting cameras, lenses, and filters.

Professional photographers, video photographers, cinematographers, art directors, filmmakers, TV and movie production houses, digital media, print media, TV media, advertising agencies, Visual Communication students and faculty, industrial photographers, and surveyors will be among those attending this fair, which is supported by leading photographic societies and trade associations of photo and video imaging professionals.

Owners of photo studios, employees of modelling studios, and others in the industry.
fair will also feature contests and events for imaging experts and hobbyists to show off their skills and check out new gear.

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