Posted On 22 Sep 2018


Led display using technique

LED screens allow you to broadcast around the clock, split into ad blocks of a certain duration, control the video timing, the number of postings in each block, and the number of days the ad will be displayed. 

Led Video walls and media facades are constructed using LED screens. Because several LED displays can be readily combined into a single information system.

Led screen for Outdoor and indoor advertisements, led screen for major city events, led screen for exhibitions, led screen for fairs, led screen for music halls,led screen for  stadiums, led screen for  train stations, led screen for airports, ledscreen for subways,led screen for  business centres, led display for stock exchanges, led display control rooms, and so on are all common uses for LED screen panels. When it comes to distributing visuals to huge crowds, LED screens are a must.

Features of LED Displays

LED displays may be visible from a distance since they have a led displaysize of 60-120 square metres or more. As a result, they are placed at the busiest crossroads and transportation corridors. It also enables you to obtain a great level of coverage. LED displays are frequently put in places where pedestrians are busy and vehicle speeds are low to provide long-term monitoring.

On LED screens, the image may be viewed from practically any angle. The viewer's reach is increased as a result of this. Advertisers have a lot of options when it comes to creating effective advertising on LED screens. Text, graphic, static, dynamic, black and white, and colour are all possibilities. LED screens, on the other hand, provide high-resolution image quality.

Advertisements and instructive text blocks can be presented simultaneously on modern LED displays (static text or scrolling line). This function can be used to present a product in a store at the same time, indicate its location in the hall, and provide information about special offers, among other things. It's also worth noting that LED screens are quite important in sporting arenas.

There are no constraints on the format of information displayed on LED displays. Font type and size are selected, as is brightness, and objects can overlap with a certain amount of transparency. The building may be turned into a specific workplace, entertainment centre, club, and so on, thanks to the LED screens. You can target the ad to a certain audience by inserting it within.
this picture displays DIGI PHOTO EXPO 2018 MYSURU

The DIGI Photo Expo is an international exhibition that gives participants the chance to learn about and see the latest displays in photography, videography, and digital imaging, as well as frame, album, and lamination.

Mysuru: On September 22 and 23, the Mysore District Photographers and Videographers Association (MDPVA) in collaboration with the Karnataka Videographers & Photographers Association (KVPA) held a two-day Digi Photo Expo – 2018 for photography, videography, and the Digital Imaging Industry at Shubodini Convention Centre on Ring Road, Hebbal, in the city.

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