Posted On 03 Dec 2018


LED Displays' Operating System

It includes a mounting frame for installing the LED display modules, as well as an LED display that works in combination with the control unit. The module is a sealed, dustproof, and waterproof case with light-emitting matrices mounted on the front surface that contains the following: a controller and a power supply, a power connector on the back panel, information connectors, indicators that show service information about the module's health and operating mode, and handles for moving and installing / removing the module.

A pixel is a display cell made up of many LED screens that is responsible for colour reproduction and brightness in the LED display module's design. 

A pixel is a basic point made up of three primary colours (R-red, G-green, and B-blue) on which a complete colour image is written. The LED display is made up of modules that are made up of pixels.

The pixels on huge led screens are matched by LEDs. As if you were watching ordinary television. Although each pixel can be seen up close, at a distance, these pixels blend together to make a quality whole.

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