Posted On 13 Sep 2019


indoor and outdoor led video wall

All event planners should be aware of the variations between indoor and outdoor LED video walls. Indoor screens, for example, typically have a smaller pixel pitch (which isn't always a bad thing) and aren't always weatherproofed, whereas outdoor walls are typically larger and have a greater pixel pitch, as well as being weatherproofed (for more on pixel pitch, see #3 below). Because they typically have to battle with the sun's rays, outdoor LED video walls are more brighter than inside LED video wall; think Times Square on a cloudless day. Image quality suffers as a result of the brightness; it can wash out some colours and impact contrast, or what we refer to as black levels—the brightness level at the darkest area of a visual image.

 LED video walls may be customised to practically any size and shape, it's critical to pick the proper size for your event (size will also be a factor when it comes to LED video wall price). If you're hosting a smaller, more intimate event, a smaller screen, such as a 7' by 12' screen, is recommended. If you're planning a larger event, such as a general session in a large ballroom or perhaps a concert, an 18' x 25' backdrop or larger may be necessary. It's feasible thanks to custom-shaped led video walls!

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