Posted On 31 Aug 2019


LED Display Wall for the Outside

Outoor LED Wall Panels are commonly found in public facilities' outdoor spaces. Because they are viewed from a greater distance, they require a larger pixel pitch and a lower pixel density. The Outdoor LED Display Wall, on the other hand, is several times brighter than the Indoor LED Display Wall. Outdoor LED Walls have a higher IP rating to protect them from elements such as sunlight, rain, dust, and hail.

The Push and Pull module makes LED Display Panel maintenance a breeze. Front and rear maintenance is simplified with the magnetic attachment. There are no bezels on seamless LED cabinets, allowing for an uninterrupted viewing experience. Viewing angles are broad. The wall is completely homogeneous in terms of brightness and colour. The LED cabinets can be used to create any size LED Display Wall. Maintenance-free Efficient use of energy Due to low power consumption and minimal heating, the device has a 100,000-hour operating life. They can be employed in rooms with a lot of natural light. Traditional displays have the fastest refresh rates. The functioning is fanless and noiseless.

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