5 Facts You Never Knew About Advertising Led Display Screen.

Posted On 28 Mar 2022


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Our perceptions of advertising have shifted. Today, advertising on television and publications isn't enough; there's also social media, influencers, and a plethora of other options. India follows global trends when it comes to advertising displays. Billboards are no longer relevant. Why show your customers a static image when you can show them a video? 

The hottest trend in outdoor advertising is advertising led display screen.advertising led display  allows firms to sell their products and services through dynamic, digital advertising display screens rather than static billboards. These screens can be large or tiny, and they can be used to advertise in metro stations as well as shopping malls. Advertising led screen are more effective, fore example,television ads are regarded more effective than newspaper print ads because of the storey a video can tell.

1)Greater Exposure

The problem with static billboards is that there's nothing to make you glance up again once you've seen them. It may be large, but it will not necessarily have the impact you desire.advertising led display screen, on the other hand, allows you to replace static graphics with video content. When compared to photos, videos are always more appealing to watch. Even if you've already seen the video, you might like watching it again. As a result, there is a better rate of retention and visibility.

2)Another chance to be inventive

You can do a lot with out-of-home advertising. Digital advertising display screens can be customised to highlight a product, demonstrate how a service works, provide promotional codes, and much more. Some may argue that billboards can perform these functions as well. The difference is in how Digital advertising led display screen allows you to present your content in a way that attracts people. It's a chance to express yourself in the most imaginative way imaginable.

3)Another chance to express yourself

With advertising led display screen, you have a lot of options. Advertising led Display screens for digital advertising can be made to show off a product, explain how a service works, provide promo coupons, and much more. Some may argue that billboards are likewise capable of accomplishing these goals. The difference is in how Digital advertising led display screen allows you to display your material in a way that attracts people. It's a chance to express yourself in the most unique way imaginable.

4)Advertisements are difficult to ignore.

When it comes to advertising, location is everything. Your ad should be prominent and difficult to miss, and it should be placed directly in front of your target audience. This is simple to accomplish with advertising led display screen. The digital screens can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas to ensure that they attract the attention of consumers.

5)Reaching a wider audience

Advertisements can be placed in bus stations, railway stations, malls, airports, and a variety of other locations using digital advertising led display screen . People spend a lot of time in these places simply waiting for anything to happen. It's the ideal time to pique their interest. Because of the versatility of digital screens, marketers can reach out to people from all walks of life, increasing their reach.

Lowest price

One of the drawbacks of traditional advertising led dispaly screen is that the flex must be physically installed and removed. Thus, in addition to the cost of rental led display, the cost of creating the advertisement, and so on, installation costs must be included. Digital  advertising led display, on the other hand, may be controlled and swapped around without requiring additional labour. The low cost is due to the convenience of working with this medium and the lack of physical resources such as flex printing.

Metrics that are accurate

It's difficult to know how effective a billboard advertisement is. There's no way to know how many people saw it or took action as a result of it. However, with Digital OOH, this is a simple task. You can acquire precise data on how many times an ad has been played in various regions, the length of time these commercials have been played, and so on. Many businesses use cutting-edge technology to combine QR codes with these adverts, resulting in even more impressive metrics.

LED advertising panels have a higher brightness and resolution than standard monitors, ensuring that the message is clearly visible even when the sun is shining straight on the screen. They represent a significant cost reduction.

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